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Please raise your hands all those of you who have never bought a roast chicken at a delicatessen, a supermarket, a stand or a shopping mall! Very few hands? Just as expected. Because a nice roasted chicken is often the ideal solution for having something tasty, healthy and delicious on the dinner table in no time at all. Health and wellness magazines have taught us not to overdo with pre-packaged pre-cooked meats and cheeses, as their elevated fat content sends our cholesterol levels to the stars.
Even the classic cut of red meat contains more cholesterol than you think. White meat, on the other hand, is lean and healthy: just leave out the skin of the chicken (even though, God knows, it is so good, crispy and golden brown) and you can serve it with a clear conscience even to those loved ones who need to follow a particularly strict diet. Even better, a roast chicken lifts spirits; it gives the idea of a party. Leaving aside the fact that a chicken roasted at a rotisserie is without a doubt tastier than one made at home, it is also healthier and better for you. The home made one has several drawbacks: the vapour imprisoned in your oven means your chicken browns less, and the fats remain in the bottom of the pan! For once, home cooking loses points!
If for the buyer a roast chicken is a marvel, for those who sell it… it is a best seller! Easy to make, it is almost an advertising poster in action, great to look at and fabulously aromatic, it attracts customers just with its unmistakable aromatic lure… yum.