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Those who think that the gyros is something from the Middle East, attended by characters with moustaches and a fez, have missed the boat! Wake up call! The world is changing, and with it Italy too! Our culinary reality is undergoing some very real changes. And if the American model (with its hamburgers, potato chips and ketchup full of those nasty fats) evokes some perplexity; if the Chinese and Japanese cuisine are still so distant from our habits as to make them ok, but only for one evening out; the gyros instead has easily taken its place among our new eating habits. But then its familiarity is evident. We have a long history of preparing meats on the spit, and actually, there is not so much difference between a spit turning vertically, and one that does so horizontally. In both cases we are dealing with a low fat type of roasting, the fats all simply melt away. And then, wrapped in a thin piadina with some lettuce, tomatoes and, for those who like it that way, with a few onions and sauce (either white, with yoghurt, or red, spicy) what comes from the gyros becomes a balanced meal with an exotic touch.
CB manufactures electric and gas gyros of various dimensions, electric knives to “shave” the browned meat, and, as always, guarantees assistance with all of its products. This time, however, CB does even more: it can put you into contact with italian suppliers of meats, those who can sell you the meat already sliced and layered, spiced and beautiful, ready to be cooked on the gyros and served.