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Brochettes, broquetas, kebabs…! A fast and tasty solution for any meal in the garden, on your terrace, in any open kiosk or at any party. While you are cooking you can socialise, charm your guests, and get the party going. Whether you yourself are cooking the meat on the skewers, or just making sure they are being properly turned, the aroma of the meat sizzling over the fire excites and pulls your guests in. But to reach perfection… the kebabs must be evenly and compactly made, like those that come out when you use our kabab appliance. Simply place the meat, vegetables, herbs and whatever else you would like to skewer and voilà! This simple and genial appliance is indispensable to the butcher, the garden party giver and the restaurateur alike. For the snack bar, rotisserie or trattoria we have created a kebab cooker with motor, which can cook 20 skewers at a time, all of them equally delicious.