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The cashier plays with the money, but those who work with food should not! We know that food gets packaged in sterile throw away wrapping, and that knives must be sterilized. But it was not always that way.
Great progress has been made on the hygienic front in the last few decades. People are better informed, they know more, and there are laws regarding the manner in which food stuffs are kept and dispensed.
The EEC, in particular, has issued directives which force a more integrated and global policy in this regard, and applicable to all foodstuffs and their stages, from production to consumption. Above all, these laws help the consumer feel protected when it comes to his health and the products he buys.
Sterilization systems, be they water based or UVC lights, show how the need for hygiene can be easily satisfied by simple gestures with machines that thoroughly disinfect in a short time.