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Let us enter the delicatessen part of a good supermarket. In the orderly little display trays we find grilled pepperonis lovingly lined up and cheerful, with their shiny yellow-red-green skins lightly oiled; the pink slices of roast beef surrounded by little clouds of steamed cauliflower, carrots and peas; the veal with tuna sauce wrapped in a plastic film making you want to lift it and taste some… Why? Because one thing is sure, today packaged foods are almost a mini display case of themselves. The tight wrapping of the plastic film keeps impurities out, protecting the food which looks even more inviting wrapped in its transparent embrace. And the fruit and vegetables? True, they cannot be considered in the same way as pre-cooked foods, but the “tray+plastic wrap” system has been revolutionary in this sector as well, and all to the benefit of health… and to the display case, ready to make your mouth water.