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That which we said about the gyros a few pages back is absolutely true also for the hot dog, which is not only no longer relegated exclusively to the dinner tables of the Alto Adige, but has corageously conquered all of our Belpaese, from the Alps to Mount Etna. And for a very good reason too! These delightful sausages bring cheer, adorned by a stripe of mustard or ketchup, perhaps even with some steaming sauerkrauts, and, of course, accompanied by a big chilled mug of cold beer. About the name: dogs have nothing to do with it! The “dog” in question refers to the “teeth” used in the braking mechanism of trains! It seems that a railway man had the brilliant idea of cleaning one of these “teeth”, known as a dog, then heating it to incandescence and using it to warm bread from the inside out. The idea spread like wildfire among the local sausage vendors, and from there on to the rest of the world. There are pork hot dogs, pork and beef hot dogs, white veal hot dogs, and now dietetic hot dogs made of chicken and turkey… vapour cooked or roasted on the spit? Let your client decide. Instantly ready, always delicious.